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Victor Aviation Service, Inc. Precision Aircraft Engine Overhaul
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Estimated Time Period For XR Black Edition® VII Engine Upgrade Process 4-6 Weeks.
Preferred Installation Facilities   Overhaul, Exchange
& Repair Services
  Non Destructive Testing Applications
The benefit of having an aircraft engine changed by a “Power-By-Victor” preferred installation facility is the extra confidence and peace of mind you receive by knowing the job is done right.   Victor Aviation Service, Inc. home of “Power by Victor” Engines has been approved to partner with Precision Airmotive LLC. in the support of their RSA fuel injection systems in the United States.   We've designed, developed and implemented Advanced NDT Systems for a number of national and international companies via Master Service Agreements and understand our customer needs.

Victor Aviation Documentary

CT X-Ray Examination of a "Power By Victor Engine"

Bob Hoover Flies Over 5,000 Hours with Victor Engines


Engine Vibration Comparison - Factory New IO-550 engine before and after XR Black Edition VII Engine Processes. click to view larger  


Up To 100% Financing For Victor Engines!
Terms Up To 20 Years
Request A Quote By Clicking Here Or Call Mitch Loiselle at 618-993-9873.

Black Edition® Engine Exhibit Now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


CRYOGENIC UPGRADE: New Technology Comes To Piston Engine Overhauls. By Bill Cox
One of the most common debates in general aviation is whether the glass is half full or half empty. These days, it seems many pilots argue on the side of half-empty. Photography By James Lawrence, Writing by Bill Cox - read more [PDF]
“A cryogenic engine overhaul is the latest innovation in top-line engine overhaul and replacement."

Old-Time Craftsmanship Combined with State-of-the-Art Technology Makes Victor Engines Better, Guaranteed.
Engine Teardown Technical Inspection Report - November 2013
The subject engines were overhauled on December 8th, 2000 by Victor Aviation Service, Inc. “Power-By-Victor” Black Edition Engine Series thirteen years ago. Since the engines were installed they have been operated for 1,879.5 hours and thirteen calendar years with no major repairs performed to them. - See Full Report

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FAA Repair Station #BJ3R399L

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