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Cylinder Flow Matching & Multiple Angle Valve Machining for
XR Black Edition® VII Lycoming and Continental Motors Engines


Factory New Cylinders are manufactured using a sand-casting production process that can leave unwanted surface flashings in the cylinder casting which can alter and restrict the cylinder’s ability to efficiently flow air. “Power-By-Victor” Flow Matching streamlines the flow of air and can significantly improve the Volumetric Efficiency of the cylinder providing for smoother engine operation and improved power.


Cylinder manufacturers use CNC computer controlled automatic valve and seat grinding procedures to reduce their cost of labor. This is performed in a fast-moving production line during the manufacturing process of new cylinders. Drawbacks persist during CNC machining as this machining process can’t distinguish the difference between a good or bad part, nor can the machining process provide for valve to seat compression leakage testing. “Power-By-Victor” Multiple Angle Valve & Seat Machining perfects and improves the flow of air and valve seating by hand stone grinding the cylinders valves and seats without the use of automated CNC equipment and provides for superior quality control. Multiple angles are stone ground by Victor Technicians to improve the venturi airflow effect, hand lapped and compression leak tested producing smoother engine operation, better compression and enhanced power.

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