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“Power-By-Victor” Performance - Factory New Engine

Experimental Aircraft Applications
and Part 91 Operations

A Power-By-Victor Gold Edition VII™ Engine is designed for the high performance, experimental aircraft builder or manufacturer who wants the benefits of a zero-time factory engine that will perform like a “Power-By-Victor” engine.

We start by taking a “zero-time” factory new Lycoming or Continental Motors engine and testing the engine in our specially engineered load cell for thrust velocity, vibration harmonics, and complete engine performance characteristics. Using a spectrum analyzer and piezoelectric accelerometers, our technicians can determine the frequencies and amplitudes of internal moving parts to determine real-time parts motion balancing prior to engine disassembly.

The engine is then completely disassembled, inspected and the unique “Power-By-Victor” processes used in Victor’s XR Black Edition® VII Engine,

are applied to the “zero-time” factory new Lycoming or Continental Motors engine.

When we have completed the “Power-By-Victor” engine procedures, the engine is then re-tested in our engine load cell to assure that we have extracted the maximum performance potential from the engine without sacrificing engine reliability or safety. By comparing the incoming and final engine load cell test reports we are able to determine engine performance comparisions.

For experimental aircraft applications, we work closely with the aircraft builder and have several engine performance modifications and processes available.

Factory New TCM TSIO550
Before and After Test Results: Vibration Spectrum Comparison of a Factory New IO-550 engine
before and after "Power By Victor"™ Engine Processes. click to view larger
XRT TSIO550 Black Edition® VII
  Expectations Exceeded

I have invested many hours meticulously building and maintaining my Lancair, so when I needed some engine work, I started looking for an engine shop that would provide the same care and attention to detail. After some searching, I found Victor Aviation. Exceptional workmanship can be difficult to find these days, especially when you are a hard-to-satisfy perfectionist like me.

Victor Aviation exceeded my expectations. My engine is now a work of art.

The pictures are telling, but you really need to see one in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship. I am looking forward to showing it off at all the air shows I attend.

Michael Reinath, NASA Aerospace Engineer
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Gary Bettenhausen
Legendary Indianapolis Indy Car Driver

Ken Johnson
Sun-N-Fun Great Grand Champion
& Oshkosh Grand Champion
Around the World Flight Record Holder - Glasair III
Michael Reinath
NASA Aerospace Engineer
Bronze Lindy, Oshkosh
Grand Champion Kit, Golden West

Select Your "Power-By-Victor" Engine Upgrade

Black Edition
Limited Edition Aircraft Engine
XR and XRT Black Edition Aircraft Engine

Edition VI
XR Black
Edition® VII
XR555 Black
Edition® VIII
Valve Train Geometry Improved + + + +
Precision Matched Hydraulic Lifters and Camshaft + + + +
Volumetric Efficiency Balanced and Flow Tested + + + +
Real-Time Reciprocating and Rotational Balanced + + + +
Iron Manganese Phosphate Internal Corrosion Coated + + + +
Three Axis Centerline Crankcase Testing + + + +
Cylinder Chambers Cubic Centimeter Tested + + + +
Thrust Velocity Load Cell Tested + + + +
Diamond Cut and Matched Piston Rings + + + +
Thermally Emissive Electrostatic
Gloss Black Powder Coated
+ + - +
Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Stress Relieved O + + +
Ultrasonic High Speed Velocity Tested O + + +
Eddy Current Electromagnetic Induction Tested O + + +
Metal Surfaces Shot Peened O + + +
Multiple Angle Valve and Seat Machining O O + +
Inertia Supercharging Air Flow Optimization O O + +
Corrosive and Harsh Environment Protection O O + +
High Temperature Ceramics O O + +
Isotropic Metal Surface Finishing O O + +
Thermally Emissive Textured
XR Matte Black Powder Coated
O O + +
Express Limited Workmanship Warranty 2yrs 5yrs 10yrs 10yrs
Limited Warranty T.B.O. Prorated Coverage TBO TBO TBO TBO
Edition® V
Edition VI™
XR Black
Edition® VII
XR555 Black
Edition® VIII


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