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Engine & Component Thermography Testing

Lycoming Engine Thermography Test-Test Cell (1:30 min)
Color spectrum changes as heat transfers throughout engine. (Time Lapse Video)

Thermal Wave Imaging and Infrared Testing

Thermal NDT methods involve the measurement or mapping of surface temperatures as heat flows to, from and/or through an object.

In its more advanced form, the use of thermal imaging systems allow thermal information to be very rapidly collected over a wide area and in a non-contact mode. Thermal imaging systems are instruments that create pictures of heat flow rather than of light. Thermal imaging is a fast, cost effective way to perform detailed thermal analysis.


ASNT Level III Certified in MT - Magnetic Particle Testing, PT - Liquid Penetrant Testing, VT - Visual Testing, RT - Radiographic Testing , UT - Ultrasonic Testing  and ET - Electromagnetic Testing
Technicians are Certified in Accordance with National Aerospace Standards (NAS-410)

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FAA Repair Station #BJ3R399L

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